Black Cube
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Black Cube

The Black Cube Or How if Mecca were in Madrid?
(Presented to an International “site specific art project” in Madrid- 2003)

A 5,25m³ wooden construction (5x5x5 m.), covered with a black textile installed in an open place.
Several circles will be drawn on the floor, around the construction.
A spatial tension will results, due to the contradictory shapes of the clear and heavy structure of the cube and the lightness and the perpetuity character of the circle.

The curious spectators are seduced to go around the cube, looking for an opening or anything else which gives sense to this black/abstract construction.
This move, takes you back to the Hajj (pilgrims) ceremony of Mecca, where the pilgrims goes around the black cube for a specific number of time, seeking for purification.

“The Black Cube” is a contribution to peoples understanding and cultural exchange programmes!

Salah Saouli/Berlin Feb. 2003


© salah saouli